“I thought Skyping would be weird with the therapist, but it is awesome! I don’t waste any time getting to an office – I just see Dr. Kotov on my computer, and she is so good at connecting that we get right to what I need. I am on location for work a lot, so I don’t have to forego sessions or find a local therapist every time I move. Why didn’t this happen sooner for me?” X, LA

“I needed help with my relationship, and a friend recommended Dr. Kotov via teletherapy. I was skeptical, because we had tried so many therapists. In addition, it wasn’t even in person! But from the first session, Dr. Kotov showed a profound understanding of the issues of expat families and our issues. Primarily she has worked with me, and sometimes my partner conferences in. We both are experiencing some big shifts in our way of thinking about intimacy, love, and need. This is powerful stuff.” Q, Turkey

Have you ever wished you could benefit from therapy without having to leave your home? Do you travel frequently, live abroad? Are you a stay-at-home-parent? There are so many reasons why teletherapy could work for you. It is like video-conferencing, so we see each other and talk as if you are sitting in my office. As I have grown in my career, and with the advent of reliable technology, I have discovered the need for busy professionals and individuals to have a way to find support and solace in therapy. Over the past few years I have worked with more and more clients virtually, and have been able to see in them the same kind of healing and transformation that occurs in committed in-person sessions. If you are curious about whether this format would suit you, contact me today to find out more.

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